Finding Treasures in Tough Times

As we close out 2020, most of us do so with a “good riddance” attitude. Who knew how our whole world would be affected by a virus that would shut down business, travel, schools, church and even the homes of our loved ones. When we had to go to virtual church, I never dreamed it would last until Easter, let alone through Christmas and the New Year and who knows how far into the future.

We all experienced losses in many forms.

And then there was the good stuff. In thinking about the end of the year, I thought of it like the tide. The tide comes in and brings high water and treasures from the ocean, and then the tide goes out, taking much of the water but leaving behind treasures that couldn’t be seen when the water was high. Some of the greatest treasures of my life were discovered during my lowest points. We have to look for them.

I found treasure in the connections I’ve made. Since the whole church hasn’t been open and even when we were open it was very limited, I haven’t had the opportunity to meet our whole congregation. And some that I’ve met I only got to savor a few moments. But those who have been on the Zoom calls, and those who come even with the limits, I have gotten to know pretty well. We have had time to really get to know one another and I am blessed by these divine connections.

I made a major move, started a new job and reconnected to my roots. That was big!!

I look forward with great anticipation to the year ahead. We are entering a new decade, a new age of Aquarius. The future is bright with promise. I can’t wait to see how this year unfolds for all of us.

Happy New Year!! and infinite blessings for a happy, healthy and abundant new year.

With love and gratitude,


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