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Lessons in Truth

Dear friends, I had an opportunity last Sunday to introduce my most recommended metaphysical book, Lessons in Truth, to someone relatively new to Unity. Getting the book off the shelf made me want to read it again because I know each time I read this amazing book, it takes me deeper into the Truth. As I read the first chapter, it became clear to share the wealth with you! So I will start a series on Lessons in Truth. You are welcome to read along with me. Just use this link and you can read it for free each week.…

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What a Joy!

happy boy with arms outstretched

Dear friends, What a joy it was to see so many of you at church last Sunday for our annual meeting and our indoor picnic. A big shout out to Gordon Kane for manning the grill and cooking us a delicious lunch. And a big thanks also to Julie Mitchell for doing all the prep and shopping for the event. Karen Warner and Linda Embree were elected to serve on the board for the next two and a half years in a very close race. The board voted for Karen Warner to be president, Jerry McRoberts as vice-president, Deb Winters…

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