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The Powers Within You

I’d like to start the year off with some great basic Unity. At this amazing time to be alive in the history of our country, I thought understanding the power that we have would be helpful. I’ve felt somewhat powerless watching the turn of events in both the political and the health arena. We give our power away and then we wonder why life doesn’t feel so good. Let’s start connecting to the power that we truly have and understand how we can effectively use it. Charles Fillmore, the co-founder of the Unity Movement developed the Twelve Powers of Man.…

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Finding Treasures in Tough Times

As we close out 2020, most of us do so with a “good riddance” attitude. Who knew how our whole world would be affected by a virus that would shut down business, travel, schools, church and even the homes of our loved ones. When we had to go to virtual church, I never dreamed it would last until Easter, let alone through Christmas and the New Year and who knows how far into the future. We all experienced losses in many forms. And then there was the good stuff. In thinking about the end of the year, I thought of…

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I never imagined it would be like this

Happy Thanksgiving, blessed ones! I write this on Thanksgiving morning and as I reflect, I marvel at what I thought would be versus what is. When I decided to move back to Indiana last year, I imagined my first Thanksgiving home in about 14 years. I imagined the build up, arriving at my sister’s house early in the morning to start the creation process of cooking the most labor-intensive meal of the year and the camaraderie of sharing the kitchen with my lifelong best friend. I imagined people arriving and the hugs I would give and receive. I imagined myself…

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