Palm Sunday: The Power of Life

Palm Sunday will be a very full Sunday as we complete the last of the 12 powers, Life, and embrace Palm Sunday, the kick off to Holy Week.

Holy Week affects each of us differently, depending on your childhood religion and how well you embrace metaphysics. I remember as a child seeing the movie Ben Hur as a class trip. The image of Jesus being nailed to the cross will forever be etched in my brain. My fifth grade mind could only comprehend that Jesus died for me – I caused this. Guilt immediately followed and it was hard to embrace the teachings of Jesus when guilt was so pervasive.

In Unity we see a different Jesus. We see our brother, our way shower, the one who came to show us the glory of God and to teach us how to access it. We find an anthropos Jesus, both fully divine and fully human. In the stories of Holy Week, we find Jesus more human than ever. He sets a scene that he knows will anger the powers that be, riding into Jerusalem professing to be the King of Peace just as Passover has begun. He wept knowing that the people didn’t get it. He turns over the money changers’ tables and refers to them as vipers in a den of thieves. He gathers those he loves the most close to him when he needed comfort. Jesus was afraid when he went to the Garden of Gethsemane and was disappointed when the disciples kept falling asleep. He felt abandoned and alone. And for all his humanness, he was also fully divine. He executes the Great Demonstration that, although his body may die, he never would – in spite of appearances.

We will delve deeply into this story and will tie in the 12th Power, Life. The disciple for this power is Judas. The color is red and the location is the generative organs. Jesus said, I came that you would have life, and have it more abundantly.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday, March 28, live and in person at either 9:30 and 11 a.m or on Facebook live at 9:30 and thereafter recorded or on our home page.

May you ponder as we enter Holy Week that which you are ready to cross out of your consciousness so that you might enjoy an even richer experience of the Divine.

Love and blessings,


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