The Power of Elimination

How wonderful it was to be back in church in person last Sunday! I look forward to more reconnecting as we move forward.

We are coming into the home stretch on the 12 Powers of Man . This week, the power is Elimination, also called Renunciation or Purity. This most important power gives us the ability to let go of that which is no longer working in our lives and to move forward into what does.

I will continue to broadcast the 9:30 a.m. service on Facebook. If you would prefer to return to fewer people, you are welcome to join me at 9:30 for a no-frills service with the same – or as close as I can get it – message.

I look forward to connecting with you on Sunday. And speaking of connection, both our Zoom groups are absolutely wonderful. It helps so much to see faces as we connect through the prayer circle and the book study. Just subscribe to our email for the Zoom links.

Love and blessings,


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