What a Joy!

Dear friends,

What a joy it was to see so many of you at church last Sunday for our annual meeting and our indoor picnic. A big shout out to Gordon Kane for manning the grill and cooking us a delicious lunch. And a big thanks also to Julie Mitchell for doing all the prep and shopping for the event.

Karen Warner and Linda Embree were elected to serve on the board for the next two and a half years in a very close race. The board voted for Karen Warner to be president, Jerry McRoberts as vice-president, Deb Winters will remain as treasurer and Sheryl Myers will remain secretary. Dave Gotshall remains on the board as a member at large. The board will be inducted this Sunday!

Also a very heartfelt and special thank you to outgoing board members Julie Mitchell and Rick Long. They carried the board and the ministry over a really rough period and did so admirably. They ran the church without a minister for a long time and also during a global pandemic.

Join me this Sunday for my message of Serendipity. Carl Jung called them meaningful coincidences. We’ll look at them and how we can attract and identify them when they come into our lives.

Love and blessings,


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