The Powers of Will and Understanding

Dear friends,

We are well into the 12 Powers of Man series. This week we awaken two powers: Will and Understanding.

Charles Fillmore linked these two powers together. He affirms this:

“If I be WILLING and obedient, I shall eat the good of the land.

I Am Willing to do the Will of God.”

Will and Understanding Work in Tandem Toward Right Thought and Action.

Spiritual Understanding, as revealed through the guidance of Spirit, determines what right action to take.

Will is the executive power in man. Will executes what has been determined to do as right action.

  • Will is not intelligent, it only executes orders.
  • Right Understanding precedes Will, we must “think” before we act.
  • Do not act before understanding how to act or what “right” actions to take.
  • The two work together for the higher Good to be demonstrated.

(Fillmore, Charles. Releasing the Holy Spirit of God in Man. Unity School of Christianity. Unity Village, MO. 1930s.)

We will delve into these two twin powers. Thomas is the disciple who represents Will, and the color is gold. Matthew is the disciple representing Understanding, and the color is silver. Both are located in the head.

I look forward to connecting with you on Sunday, February 28. And speaking of connection, both our Zoom groups are absolutely wonderful. It helps so much to see faces as we connect through the prayer circle and the book study. You are welcome to join us at any time! Just subscribe to our email for the Zoom links.

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